Estate Matters & Planning

Peninsula Law is expereinced in all areas of estate planning and management. 

  • Estate planning
  • Family provisions
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Wills and probate
  • Enduring guardianships
  • Power of attorney

A will is a written and signed statement, made by an individual, which provides for the disposition of their property when they die.

Power of attorney is a document which gives a person the right to make binding decisions for another. For instance, an elderly parent who fears they may become mentally incapacitated may choose to give power of attorney to one of their children.

An Enduring guardianship is a document that appoints someone you trust to make health, lifestyle and medical decisions for you when you are not capable of doing this for yourself.

Knowing that, in the event of your death, your property will be disposed of according to your wishes can give you peace of mind. Let Peninsula Law help with your estate planning and put your mind at ease.